K9 Serve & Protect specialises in the procurement and sales of highly trained protection dogs, general purpose police and service dogs. Our dogs are highly trained to KNPV/ Schutzund and IPO standards ( with and without FCI pedigree )

We supply a wide range of dogs including green general purpose dogs, dual purpose dogs, highly trained protection dogs for families and executive protection, to specialist dogs who are trained for tracking, human detection, explosives, firearms and IED (improvised explosive devices.)

  • Supply & Training Of World Class Protection Dogs
  • Suppliers Of Specialist Search & Rescue Dogs
  • Supply Of Specialist Detection Dogs
  • Suppliers Of Specialist Dog Handlers
    (Our Handlers Are All Ex Military, Police & MOD Police Dog Handlers)
  • Human Detection
    (Illegal Immigrants & Stowaways)
  • Explosive Detection
  • General Detection
  • Search & Rescue
  • General Purpose Patrol & Detection

For more information on the range of dogs that we can supply please get in touch.