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do you need
a protection dog?

More and more householders are being subjected to violent burglaries and individuals being assaulted.

Often burglaries are targeted to steal high value items from the household including car keys laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

In more rural areas thieves are targeting fuel, machinery, live stock and horses.

As the austerity measures continue to bite and Police resources are now stretched to their limits this leads to a shortage of officers on each shift and with other higher priority incidents to deal with. The Police response times to burglaries are now getting longer and longer as “incidents” are prioritised. Burglary is no longer seen as a crime priority more a fact of life and a statistic.

But to the householder a burglary is a very personal thing, it is a violation of their home, family and personal space.

Knowing that response times are getting longer and longer with stretched Police resources, this has given thieves a renewed confidence that they can commit a crime and have sufficient time to leave the scene without fear of being challenged or caught.

If you have been the subject of a “burglary in progress” it could take anything upto 20 minutes for a Police response car to reach you. A lot can happen in that time to you and your family.

Norfolk Constabulary for example states its official response time to burglaries and incidents is a “15 minute response time for urban areas and 20 minutes for rural areas”.

Many of us own nice cars and next to our houses are the second biggest asset purchases in our lives. This has also led to an increase in targeted burglaries specifically to steal car keys and certain high value and prestige cars such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar to order.

As security on cars has also improved dramatically with alarms and immobilisers this has made life increasingly difficult for thieves to steal cars without the physical keys to the vehicle. This has also meant an increase in properties being broken into to steal the car keys.

Many families and individuals are realising that they have a right to protect their family, loved ones and their homes.

The former Lord Chief Justice of England & Wales – Lord Judge – stated in a press interview before his retirement

“I take a very serious view about the offence of burglary. Burglary of a home, whether it’s a grand mansion or a very modest one up one down, is always an offence against the property , but more importantly it is an offence against the person. The householder is entitled to use reasonable force to get rid of the burglar ” He went on to state;

“When your at home you want to feel safe and in my view you’re entitled to feel safe and secure. This is your haven, this is your refuge, this is where you have the right to be safe”

Courtesy of The London Eve Standard

Whilst CCTV and burglar alarms are all strong visible deterrents in the security of your property they are of little use if masked thieves attempt to break into your house.

However a fully trained protection dog is a huge deterrent. Burglars will often avoid properties where they know a dog lives, not wanting to “take the chance.”

A dog will also provide a first early warning system alerting the householder to unusual noises or presence around a property and to let them know something is not right,

This gives the householder time to react and investigate with the assurance that they have a very capable deterrent by their side.

In the unlikely event that a burglar has broken into your home, you can be assured that your protection dog will protect you and your family fearlessly.